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TRIVIA - Thursday @ Upstairs Lower, 9 p.m.

Of the 4 most recent Presidents of the United States, how many have been left-handed? Want to show off your wealth of useless knowledge? Come to TRIVIA this Thursday in the Upstairs of Lower. As usual, prizes will be given to the winning teams. Come one, come all. The answer: 3! Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. 

Open Mic Night - Thursday @ Lounge near Mac Mini-Mart, 9 p.m.

Love singing or listening to great musical talent? Open Mic Night is back this Thursday at 9 p.m. in the lounge near the mini-mart in Mac. Co-sponsored with the Music Guild, this event is always a popular one to enjoy the music skills of some of your peers. Don't miss out!

Moonlight Night Market - Thursday @ O'Neill Plaza, 9 p.m.

Love trying foods from different cultures? You do not want to miss out on this massive intercultural night carnival in O'Neill Plaza. There will be many tents with culture clubs showcasing their unique foods. There will also be a fun cultural game where you can win small prizes! This event will emulate traditional night markets and will serve as a belated celebration of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. All attendees will get a taste of mooncakes, an essential food to Chinese and Vietnamese culture that's also quite tasty! Primary sponsors: CSA, VSA, SEASA and NOTH.

Adam Ray - Friday @ O'Connell House, 9 p.m.

Stand-up comedian Adam Ray is coming to BC! Adam is a paid regular at the Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store and Laugh Factory in L.A. His TV credits include ABC's "According to Jim," MTV's "Human Giant," and this spring he will lend his writing skills to the new season of PUNK'D with Justin Bieber.

Halloween Concert & Art Expo - Saturday @ O'Connell House, 9 p.m.

Love music, art and Halloween? NOTH will be co-sponsoring a Halloween Concert and Art Expo with WZBC and the Art Club. Be in the O'Connell House at 9 PM to see local artists and musicians!

Fall Fest - Saturday @ Cabaret Room, 9 p.m.

Indulge in the wonders of fall in New England this Saturday in the Cabaret Room at 9:00 pm! There will be apple cider, lots of candy, cookie and cupcake decorating, and PUMPKIN CARVING!!! Take advantage of everything fall in New England has to offer before the bitter cold moves in to town.